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Casino and poker — significant factors of tourist flow growth in Georgia

19 ноября 2018, 15:32 |
According to official information, revenues from tourism in 2017 brought $ 2.2 billion to the Georgian budget.

According to experts, a significant part of the influx of tourists into the country is due to the legalized gambling business. And no small role in this direction is played by poker. Most of the guests come from neighboring countries where there exist restrictions or bans on gambling: Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey.

According to the World Bank report, low prices for hotel services and the presence of a large number of casinos in the country contribute to the development of tourism in Georgia. Thanks to casinos, Georgia has become a competitive tourist destination.

Along with this, it is noted that an obstacle to Georgia’s access to a wide level of tourist popularity, among other reasons, is the lack of qualified specialists and inaccessible aviation infrastructure. And the country is actively working to eliminate this problem.

“Georgia is a low-budget line, besides, there is a fairly cheap labor force in the country. The tourism industry is promoted by a liberal visa policy and the presence of a large number of casinos that attract citizens of many neighboring countries where gambling is prohibited,” the report says.

According to experts of the World Bank, the development of business tourism, VIP casinos in Georgia, winter resorts and spa areas will strengthen the position of the state in the global market.

In recent years, the authorities have actively promoted the construction of hotels. Among the new hotels began to appear a lot of those who have casinos on their territory. Among such facilities, one of the largest is Shangri La Casino Hotel by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International Company. Casinos usually offer guests a standard set of slots, roulette, poker and other card games.
In all neighboring countries, where casinos and gambling practically do not develop, there are so many fans of popular casino games, especially poker. And in Georgia, many opportunities have appeared for gambling players which give the country an extra chance to increase the tourist flow.

Many poker fans began to come to major international tournaments, which are held quite often. According to their organization and prize funds, these tournaments are not inferior to the major world competitions, which are broadcast on large TV channels.

Shangri La, Darren Keane, CEO of the company said, offers guests several types of poker. Also, from time to time the casino holds poker tournaments, which are always very popular.